Building an all-in culture

Building an all-in culture requires the careful coordination of focused community resources, thoughtful policymaking and committed steward leadership. We must understand that each of these requires the collaboration of a symphony for maximum efficiency and impact. There are no solo artists in an all-in culture and every member of the community is valued.

The Four Sphere Framework is a model developed to illustrate an all-in, systems approach to community business. It shows us that economic development, human development and infrastructure development are interdependent – each affects the others. If we approach our community’s challenges without addressing all three of these areas simultaneously our efforts are myopic at best and results treat only the symptoms rather than the root problem. Treating only symptoms means the problem is never really addressed or corrected. Instead, we must address the system holistically – from the fourth sphere.


In the illustration here, you see how each area of development overlaps, represented in the inner three spheres. The fourth sphere holds the pieces of the puzzle required to tackle the development in the inner spheres.

Effective policymaking is needed to enact policy that aligns with community needs.

 Engaged institutions support coordinating resources, working together with institutions, citizens and philanthropy to study areas of greatest need and to design potential solutions.

Committed steward leaders can often serve to shepherd the entire process, holding our highest collective ideals and always balancing the process by ensuring the goals consider cultural sustainability and growth.