Why Should You Become a Member?

You can make a significant difference

Personal Reasons:

  • Education
    Through forums, written communications and meetings you will have an opportunity to understand the critical issues facing our community/region/state and what is being done to address them.
  • Optimal engagement
    You will be able to identify your nexus—the place you can use your highest level skills to impact an area of greatest personal interest.
  • Optimal Impact
    You will gain an understanding of how the nonprofits you invest in fit into a bigger picture so you can help them achieve greater results through collaboration and alignment behind a broader strategy.

Business/Organizational Reasons:

  • Economic Growth
    A growing number of clusters have formed to address specific challenges and opportunities in various industries. Focus areas include marketing, export assistance, workforce development, and government regulation. Clusters assist education and training institutions in aligning curriculum to meet the needs of specific industries. Cross cluster synergies are also developing.
  • Employee Development
    Businesses who engage in the community create opportunities for employees to develop leadership skills and build networks. Companies that adopt schools, nonprofits, neighborhoods, or participate in service projects increase morale and build stronger relationships.
  • Attract and Keep the Best
    The best employees, particularly younger generations, are interested in working for employers that are engaged in the community.

Community Reasons:

  • Steward leadership of the whole
    The FBC provides one of the critical elements of success to any enterprise—a steward leadership function. By looking through a steward’s lens focusing on the whole community, we help to align tactical efforts behind shared strategies to achieve greater results. In a community, this means leadership from a platform that is value-based and outside of a single sector, organization or issue.
  • Action Platform for Civic Entrepreneurs and Stewards
    The application of best business practices to community challenges is essential to their resolution. The FBC has created a platform that has attracted some of our best private sector, academic and professional talent to craft strategies, lead initiatives, advocate for the community at higher levels of government, and partner with other regional leaders.
  • Platform for Sectors to Leverage
    Through major initiatives like the Regional Jobs Initiative and the Human Investment Initiative, the FBC has created a platform for leaders of organizations across all sectors to work together to align resources behind shared strategies in order to achieve major outcomes.


Sponsorship is Partnership

Making a significant financial contribution to Fresno Business Council's work makes you a partner, whether or not you are able to sit on our board. As a sponsoring organization, we will feature your partnership on our website and marketing materials.

Click here for online Membership registration, or contact Deb Nankivell to learn more about becoming a Member.