Genelle Taylor Kumpe Named COO of the Fresno Business Council and Executive Director of SJVMA

The Board of Directors of the Fresno Business Council (FBC) and the San Joaquin Valley Manufacturing Alliance (SJVMA), are pleased to jointly announce Genelle Taylor Kumpe as the FBC’s first Chief Operating Officer and the SJVMA’s first Executive Director effective September 1, 2018. Please join us in welcoming Genelle. Genelle Taylor Kumpe Press Release Contact […]

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Dancing in the Hurricane – Surviving the Age of Acceleration

Are You Ready for the Next Economy? If you haven’t yet read Thomas Friedman’s latest book Thank You For Waiting, you’ve probably heard about it. Friedman expertly takes us on the journey of society-altering technology that launched in 2007, forever changing the world we knew…and in many cases the course of our professional lives. Insecurity about […]


Mind the (Skills) Gap

The White House announced this week that Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant, Foxconn, plans to invest $10 billion in a new manufacturing facility in Wisconsin – a big win, the White House says, for revitalizing the “Made in America” mantra and manufacturing jobs in the midwest. The 3,000 expected jobs from this development, though, won’t replace […]


The Case for Conscious Capitalism

Decades of drive toward a single bottom line seems to have caused a violent swing in the other direction, one that sought swift correction to complex social and environmental problems created by runaway capitalism. In their article “Runaway Capitalism” published in Harvard Business Review in 2012, Christopher Meyer and Julia Kirby note, “Certainly we humans have the […]


Apprenticeships: Human Capital Investment Best Practice

Many regional manufacturing companies are faced with tough attrition issues right now. With high turnover, an aging workforce or any of the other myriad challenges causing a skills gap, the need for employees with advanced skills is tremendous. Regionally, we have many programs focused on bringing in the next generation of the manufacturing workforce, but […]