It’s All About Outcomes

Outcomes—it’s all about outcomes. Most agree. Yet when they don’t happen the search must begin to answer the question “Why not?”. In 2000, we realized that the “why not” in Fresno was the culture. We lacked trust. We were fragmented. Many had given up and believed poverty was inevitable. Speaking out was hard as conflicts […]

Stewardship in Action

We talk a lot about stewardship. What does it really mean? What does it mean for Fresno? The FBC is in the community transformation business. In this context a steward takes the time to understand an issue deeply before acting. A steward develops collaborative and peacemaking skills to ensure outcomes that stick. These skills demand […]


Interdependence. What does it mean? John Muir explains, “”When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” As we keep learning in Fresno, a negative act can trigger a cycle of deterioration. Research shows that if you don’t fix broken windows, clean up litter, or […]

“Focused Blitzkrieg”

In case you missed it, check out the guest editorial Pete Weber and I submitted to The Fresno Bee about Fresno Unified. It is hard to describe the level of brokenness we uncovered in district. The morale was so low, staff were often in tears as they expressed their frustration and lack of hope […]