Mind the (Skills) Gap

The White House announced this week that Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant, Foxconn, plans to invest $10 billion in a new manufacturing facility in Wisconsin – a big win, the White House says, for revitalizing the “Made in America” mantra and manufacturing jobs in the midwest. The 3,000 expected jobs from this development, though, won’t replace […]


Both/And Closes the Gap

As we continue to advance the Career & Technical Education Initiative, the equal importance of inner and outer skills development is clear. Knowledge keeps changing. The ability to learn; adapt; influence across networks; initiate; communicate; access, analyze and apply information are all essential success skills. The challenge–how to model and teach these in systems designed for […]


Jobs, Workforce, Regions–What’s Up

In 2011, Brookings and the Rockefeller Foundation launched the Project on State and Metropolitan Innovation (PSMI), a five-year initiative to expand economic growth and opportunity in metropolitan regions. http://www.brookings.edu/research/reports/2015/07/23-expanding-growth-opportunity-carlson What they have learned will be very familiar: Leaders need to be able to work across programmatic and jurisdictional boundaries to implement the new model, both […]